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    Tack Right specializes in partnering with companies and organizations to create compelling public relations and communication strategies. Because everyone has a story that deserves to be told.

    Our team of seasoned industry professionals work together to create data-driven outcomes for businesses by delivering the right stories, within the right experiences at the right times.

    We utilize industry leading strategies to help new and existing brands develop and grow marketing strategies that make a positive lasting impact. Our teams work together to develop custom marketing plans that promote brand exposure to help grow consumer traffic and revenue.

    We believe every business should have a unique brand presence that is easily identifiable to consumers. We provide our clients with game-changing marketing solutions and strive to help them get noticed and assist them in achieving their business goals, while in turn delivering a frictionless service experience to ultimately create a richer connection between businesses and consumers.

    Taking a holistic approach to brand strategy and marketing communication, we have the resources and skills to transform ‘marketing as usual’ by activating relationships with people in inventive and genuinely authentic ways to effectively promote your company across all channels.

    We believe that companies and brands, like people, should be themselves. Their best selves. They should be amazing, engaging, and smart leaders. And yes, they should be a little different. Because no one ever made their mark following the pack.