Triunfo Water & Sanitation District Board Member Leon Shapiro Appointed To Ventura Regional Sanitation District Board

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December 14, 2021
Leon Shapiro, a Triunfo Water & Sanitation District (TWSD) board member, was appointed to the Ventura Regional Sanitation District (VRSD) board of directors for a one-year term beginning in December.
The VRSD board is made up of representatives from eight Ventura County cities and a representative from one of five special districts in the county that receive water and wastewater services from VRSD. Shapiro will represent the special districts during his one-year term.
Shapiro has served on the TWSD board since he was appointed in 2018 and subsequently elected in 2020. He has worked in the water and wastewater treatment industry for over 20 years and is currently president of 21st Century Water Solutions, a consulting firm focusing on California's water supply and wastewater treatment issues. An Oak Park resident since 2010, he is active with the Sierra Club where he is a former co-chair of the California committee promoting water conservation and reuse.
"VRSD is an important resource within Ventura County, providing vital solid waste, water and wastewater services throughout the County," says Shapiro. "As with many parts of California, the residents of Ventura County face significant issues relating to the continued availability of water, and the sustainable use and treatment of this precious resource. I look forward to bringing my experience to the VRSD board and assisting in its efforts to maintain a superior level of services for its customers."

VRSD was formed in 1970. It supports the daily sanitation needs of more than 600,000 Ventura County residents.
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